IELTS Essay Sample: (Strong): “Schools should not charge students any tuition fees. Education must be totally subsidized by the government.”

Schools should not charge students any tuition fees. Education must be totally subsidized by the government.

To what extent to do agree or disagree?                                  (Strong)


We are living in a world where education plays a key role in shaping successful nations. Unlike those who advocate asking pupils for tuition fees, I would argue that education should be free due to the reasons on which this essay will elaborate.

First and foremost, free education is essential as it is likely to help guarantee every student in a country some level of education irrespective of their social class, skin color or financial capabilities, meaning each child has an equal opportunity to access education on the same scale. Pursuing a similar approach, the US, South Korea and Japan not only have the least number of illiterate citizens but also create equality among learners to be able to continue their education in higher levels. Nonetheless, in other parts of the world namely India and Africa knowledge-seekers have to pay to realize their educational dreams, so not all families have the chance to send their adolescents to learning centers, the result of which is high illiteracy rate. Statistics issued by the World Bank and UNESCO indicate that girls with little or no education are more likely to marry before the age of 18, suffer domestic violence and live in poverty.

Furthermore, adopting the policy empowers children to have a positive perspective and a more optimistic outlook about life. To put it simply, when no tuition is charged, the gap between the haves and the have nots will not be widened which in turn can help provide security in the future. Take Scandinavian countries as an example. They are among the most secure places in the world because education is not only compulsory but also free. Hence unemployment rate is low and the community can live a crime-free life.

(However, proponents of charging students tuition highlight the heavy burden of financing education system that will be imposed on governments’ shoulder, which I assume is not justifiable so long as people pay taxes.)

To sum it up, should pupils be not charged, more children will have the opportunity to fulfill their potential; or else, inequality may grow and future cannot be promising.

Hamid Mollazadeh
Time: 35 minutes                                                              
Word count: 350   

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