• Business conversation 25

    Business conversation 25

    Problems with a Client

    (in an office)

    Ms Adams: Thank you for coming to the meeting today, Mr Gilder. 
    Mr Gilder: My pleasure, Ms Adams. Now, what problems are we having around here?

    Ms Adams: Well, unfortunately, we’re having a number of problems with our clients in Holland.
    Mr Gilder: They usually pay on time. I don’t understand …

    Ms Adams: Yes, you’re right. They ARE excellent clients. Unfortunately, they aren’t pleased with the merchandise we are sending them.
    Mr Gilder: How can that be? We always provide first class products.

    Ms Adams: I know, however they aren’t happy. They say they are meeting with a new manufacturer next week.
    Mr Gilder: Nonsense, and what are we doing to change things?

    Ms Adams: Well, that’s the reason for our meeting today. I’d like to make a few suggestions.
    Mr Gilder: I’m listening …

    Ms Adams: Why don’t we change suppliers?
    Mr Gilder: Is that the problem?

    Ms Adams: Let’s take a look at some of the suppliers in the area. I’m sure we can find a better one.
    Mr Gilder: OK, what other suggestions have you got?

    Ms Adams: Shall we invite them to meet with us?
    Mr Gilder: That’s an excellent idea. It’ll show them our concern.

    Ms Adams: OK, I’ll arrange a meeting. Thank you Mr Gilder.
    Mr Gilder: No, thank you Ms Adams.