• IELTS Essay Sample: Advantages and disadvantages of keeping flowers at home.

    Advantages and disadvantages of keeping flowers at home.

    There is no denying the fact that flowers can have profound effects on both body and mind. This essay will discuss not only the plus pints of keeping these marvels of nature at home but also potential problems associated with the issue.

    With respect to drawbacks, houseplants produce pollen in the spring, summer and sometimes fall to make seeds for next year’s growth. Pollen is a leading cause of seasonal allergies, which, for sufferers, is a strong disadvantage to keep flowers. Common flowers like African violets, orchids and ficus can cause terrible allergy attacks, and if left untreated, can lead to severe discomfort. Moreover, some house plants like dieffenbachia are poisonous and can be hazardous for households with little children or pets. Last but not least, plants which grow indoors require routine and timely maintenance to keep looking healthy. Not devoting enough time to pruning and deadheading would let them neither bloom nor be photo-worthy.

    Turning to benefits, it is a universally-acknowledged truth that flowers not only improve the smell in a room but also filter and clean the air. Studies conducted by the UK’s Promotional Organization for Flowers & Plants show that plants can help remove harmful toxins from the air and are likely to improve a night’s rest as they absorb CO2 and emit large amounts of oxygen. In addition, the flowers that people often choose for their scents, such as roses, help improve people’s mood and maintain a relaxed atmosphere thanks to their aromatherapeutic powers. It is no exaggeration to claim that a little color can go a long way. Placing flowers around a room where family members can see them even has the ability to make their mood better and help them connect better with other people.

    In conclusion, what I would like to concede is that experiencing a change in mood in today’s hectic life and breathing fresh air, at last at home, is worth the trouble of looking after plants.

    Hamid Mollazadeh
    Time: 45 minutes 
    Word count: 320
  • IELTS Essay Sample: “advantages and disadvantages of making unemployed people take any job”

    Some people believe that unemployed people should be made to work for their welfare/benefit payments. Others, however, see this as cheap labor.
    Discuss the possible advantages and disadvantages of making unemployed people take any job.
    Do you believe that making unemployed people work is a good idea?

    Unemployment is one of commonly problem in the developing countries. Some people think that several jobs should be provided for unemployed people even though others see this as the form of outsourcing labor. I would argue that making unemployed people to take any job will make them being productive inhabitants, who can contribute to increase the country’s income, and also automatically will reduce the rate of unemployment.

    It is true that making people who do not have a job will make them being cheap labor since their academic level cannot compete with professional workers. Result shows that mostly companies are looking for employees who have a degree certificate than they who are only high school graduates although they have an equal skill. It is thus clear that unemployed people who are given a job will be lower salary labor.

    In addition, the high rate of unemployment triggers to an outsourcing system, which hires cheap labor with no social guarantee. The result of a research held by National University in Indonesia proved that many workers who are involved to this system do not get a health guarantee that has already regulated by the government. As a result, the outsourcing company often cut the workers’ salary that is expensive under treatment. It is imperative that cheap labor occurs as a consequence of the high number of unemployed people.

    However, in my opinion, hiring jobless people will bring some benefits not only for the workers itself but also for the states. First, unemployed people will be productive. They will produce money to fulfil their daily essentials. Second, the rate of unemployment is going to decrease, which also means it will increase the rate of welfare people. Take Indonesia as an example, the government announced to public in 2010 that unemployment rate has been decreasing over the last 10 years due to many career opportunist which are provided by government. It is evident that there is a significant effect of making unemployed people work. Third, it cannot be denied that more people have a job and produce money, more tax revenue that the state can get.

    In conclusion, it seems to me that although providing jobs for unemployed people will do not guarantee them get a good salary, I strongly believe that it is better for jobless people to have an occupation as they can produce income not only for themselves but also for the country. Where possible, the government should improve the controlling system to guarantee the social welfare of labor.