• Business conversation 26

    Business conversation 26


    What’s in Your Office?

    David: I’ve got a new office now… 
    Maria: That’s great! Congratulations.

    David: I’ll need a desk and some cabinets. How many cabinets are there in your office?
    Maria: I think there are four cabinets in my office.

    David: And do you have any furniture in your office? I mean other than the chair at your desk.
    Maria: Oh yes, I’ve got a sofa and two comfortable armchairs.

    David: Are there any tables in your office? 
    Maria: Yes, I’ve got a table in front of the sofa.

    David: Is there a computer in your office? 
    Maria: Oh yes, I keep a laptop on my desk next to the phone.

    David: Are there any flowers or plants in your office?
    Maria: Yes, there are a few plants near the window.

    David: Where’s your sofa?
    Maria: The sofa is in front of the window, between the two armchairs.

    David: Thanks a lot for your help Janet. This gives me a good idea of how to arrange my office.
    Maria: My pleasure. Good luck with your decorating!