• Business Idioms and Phrases part 3 اصطلاحات بازرگانی

    Business Idioms and Phrases part 3 اصطلاحات بازرگانی

    ۷٫ On a shoestring

    When you do something on a shoestring, you’re working on a tight budget or with very little money.

    Sample sentence: It’s going to be a challenge doing such a big project on a shoestring but we’ll try our best.

    8. From the ground up

    If you build a business or project from zero or from the bottom, you’re starting from the ground up.

    Sample sentence: Have you read the news about the enterprising 12-year-old who’s building her business from the ground up?

    9. Behind the scenes

    This phrase is used to describe something, usually work, that’s done or that happens away from public view.

    Sample sentence: Organizing a roadshow may look easy, but do you have any idea how much hard work we’ve put in behind the scenes?

  • Business Idioms and Phrases part 2 اصطلاحات بازرگانی

    Business Idioms and Phrases part 2 اصطلاحات بازرگانی

    ۴٫ Bring to the table

    To bring [something] to the table means to bring something of use or benefit (skills, experience, etc.) to a job or business activity (project, meeting, etc.).

    Sample sentence: We need someone on the team who can bring project management experience to the table.

    5. Learning curve

    A learning curve is used to describe the effort someone has to make to gain experience or learn a new skill set. A steep learning curve indicates the task may be difficult and therefore take more effort.

    Sample sentence: She is welcome to join our team, but there will be a steep learning curve.

    6. Get off the ground

    To get [something] off the ground means to start doing a job or project, usually after much discussion or planning.

    Sample sentence: A lot more money will be required to get this project off the ground.


  • Business Idioms and Phrases part 1 اصطلاحات بازرگانی

    Business Idioms and Phrases اصطلاحات بازرگانی

    ۱٫ Get down to business

    To begin doing something with the seriousness or determination the action requires; to begin doing what needs to be done.

    Sample sentence: OK, let’s quit fooling around and get down to business. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our offices. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

    2. From day one

    This means “since the beginning.” You often hear the phrase from day one used in the workplace to talk about something that has been true since the very first day a project or business began.

    Sample sentence: I hope management realizes that our deadlines are very tight. We need to hire more people immediately. We’ve been short-handed from day one.

    3. Learn the ropes

    Learn the ropes is used in situations where someone, usually a new co-worker, needs to learn the basics of how something is done.

    Sample sentence: The three new members of our project team will need to learn the ropes ASAP.

  • Business English Vocabulary part 1 لغات و اصطلاحات انگلیسی بازرگانی

    Business English Vocabulary part 1  لغات و اصطلاحات انگلیسی بازرگانی

    advertising - show your products to customers through radio, television or newspapers
    “What is the best way for us to advertise our product?”

    afford - able to buy, have enough money to buy

    “Television is the best advertising, but the most expensive. Can we afford it?

    agenda - a detailed plan for a meeting.

    “The first item on our agenda is advertising.”

    booming - business is growing very fast

    “This year business is booming, so we can start thinking about increasing our investments.”

    borrow - getting money from someone else, or from a bank, which we must pay back later
    “We need to borrow $100,000 to expand our business.”

    brand - the name of a well-known product (McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Volkswagen, etc.)
    “We’ll need to borrow money for advertising, then we’ll build our brand awareness.”

    break even - when our spending equals the amount we receive from sales

    “The company didn’t make money nor lose money during the last quarter. They just broke even.”

    bribe - secretly paying money to get special favors from a company or government official
    “She was sent to prison for 30 years for trying to bribe a high official.”

    budget - a detailed plan for spending money
    “The second item on our agenda is the budget. We need to pay special attention to advertising, marketing and building our sales staff. Oh, and we need to significantly increase our budget for English teachers!”

    calculate - to count, add, subtract, multiply, divide numbers
    “It’s not hard to calculate – if we keep spending more money than we take in, we’ll have to sell more!”

    cancel - to decide NOT to buy something that you had agreed to before
    “Before they cancel the order, find out what the problem is and fix it!”

    capital - money
    “If we had more capital to invest, we would build a new factory.”

    charge for - ask money for payment
    “We never charge for repairs. Making sure our products work is included in the purchase price.”

    CEO - the top officer in a company, the chief executive officer
    “How can we find a good CEO who knows how to run a business in today’s business environment?”

    CFO - the top financial officer in a company
    “The CFO will be attending today’s meeting to talk about fundamental accounting principles.”

    commission - a percentage of each sale that goes directly to the salesperson
    “Our salespeople get 10% for each item sold, but that increases as he or she sells more.”

    competition - other companies that make the same product as yours
    “We face tough competition, but our product has some important advantages.”

    consumption - the total amount of product bought in a market
    “Although prices have fallen, overall consumption is higher, so we can still make money.”

    credit - when you buy first, but pay later
    “You can buy this product on credit. The payment will be due in 90 days.”

    currency - the money of one country
    “If you exhange currency in the airport, you’ll pay a large commission. Go to a bank instead.”

  • The Most Widely-used Business Idioms اصطلاحات بازرگانی

    The Most Widely-used Business Idioms اصطلاحات بازرگانی




    24/7 “24/7″ means 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The convenience store on the corner is open 24/7.
    a tough break When something unfortunate happens, it can be called a “tough break.” It was a tough break for us when Caroline quit. She was one of our top performers.
    ahead of the curve To be “ahead of the curve” means to be more advanced than the competition. We’re investing a lot of money in research and development so we can stay ahead of the curve.
  • واژگان بازرگانی شماره ۴

    Beginning a Presentation- Informal Meeting

    Shawn: As I said a moment ago, our market share has taken a nosedive in the last year. Why? We think it’s a combination of three things: (one) there’s a lot more competition now than there was a year ago, (two) our product isn’t meeting the needs of the market, and (three) our advertising is speaking to the wrong customers. These are some pretty serious but not insurmountable problems, so let’s take a look at the solutions we’ve come up with.

    First, we’re facing twice as many competitors as we were a year ago, so we need to make sure that customers know that Vision Corp. is the best in the business. Second, we need to make sure that our product has all the bells and whistles that our customers have come to expect. And third, we have to revamp our marketing efforts and make sure that our ads appeal to the right group of customers. Hannah, can you please take over now and tell us what you learned from the focus groups?


    As I said a moment ago… – a phrase used when repeating something that one said a few minutes ago, usually as a reminder or to stress its importance

    * As I said a moment ago, when you repeat information in a presentation, it is easier for people to remember it.

    nosedive – a quick decrease, fall, or decline; going down a lot and very quickly

    * When the economy took a nosedive, many foreign companies stopped doing business in that country.

    to meet the needs – to provide what someone is looking for; to give people what they require

    * We could meet the needs of our busy customers better if our stores were open later each day.

    insurmountable – without a solution; unable to overcome; unable to fix

    * Yessinia’s parents got divorced because of insurmountable differences between her mom and dad.

    solution – an answer to a problem; a way to handle a difficult situation

    * If you want your sons to fight less, one solution might be to give them their own bedrooms.

    to come up with – to create or invent; to think of something new and creative

    * Olga came up with a way to save her department $100 each week.

    to revampto improve; to make better

    * The Flores family revamped their home by painting all the walls.

    to take over – to take control of something

    * When Condi took over the business, sales increased very quickly in the first year.

  • واژگان بازرگانی شماره ۳

    Beginning a Presentation- Formal Meeting

    As I mentioned, our market share has been sliding for the past year. Naturally, Vision Corporation is alarmed by these changes and wants to understand the underlying reasons. The truth is, we’re not entirely sure why we’re losing market share, but we have identified three factors that may contribute to the cause: a growing number of competitors, our product’s features, and poor advertising.

    First, the number of competitors in our industry has doubled in the past year. To counter this, we must learn to differentiate Vision Corporation from the other companies. Second, our product lacks some of the features that customers are looking for. We need to improve our product and make it the best market offering. Third, our advertising has been ineffective in reaching our potential customers. We need to rethink our marketing campaigns and make sure that we’re targeting the right market. Now I’m going to turn things over to Ms. Graff, who will discuss the findings of her focus groups.


    As I mentioned…a phrase used to refer back to something that was said earlier

    * As I mentioned in our meeting last week, our new employee Chantrelle is going to start working here tomorrow.

    to contribute – to add to something; to make something stronger, bigger, or better

    * A good educational system can contribute to a stronger economy.

    competitor – a person or a business that sells a similar product to a similar group of customers as you do

    * Hewlett-Packard and Gateway are competitors in the computer industry.

    to counter – to work against something; to balance something by working in the opposite direction

    * Daniel ate a lot of food during the holidays, but he countered the extra calories by running 10 miles each day.

    market offering – a product that is available for sale to customers

    * Microsoft has many software programs among its market offerings.

    ineffective – not effective; not able to do what something is supposed to do

    * Medication is ineffective if patients forget to take it when they’re supposed to.

    marketing campaign – a strategy for letting people know about a product or service and making them want to buy it

    * The new marketing campaign includes a mixture of television and radio commercials. 

    to target – to aim for; to try to reach; to design something for

    * The American Cancer Association tries to target smokers by educating them and helping them stop smoking.

    findings – results of a research project; outcome of an investigation

    * The researchers’ findings showed that exercising 30 minutes each day can help people live longer.



  • واژگان بازرگانی شماره ۲

    Starting a Meeting (Informal Meeting)

     Okay, everybody. Please take a seat. Let’s get started. I’ve called this meeting of our top salespeople so that all of you get a chance to hear about the new plan to get our company out there in order to reach more of our potential market. First, we’ll hear a presentation from the team that has been working on this. Then, we’ll discuss it to get your feedback and put our heads together to see if there are any other ideas. 

    While the team is getting set up, let me say a few words. What does this  new plan mean for our company? First, it’s a reality check on where we are right now in terms of getting our message to our customers. Second, this plan has the potential to move the company forward. One of our main challenges, as you all know, is staying relevant in this changing market. Today’s presentation has some really innovative ideas about how we can do this.


    to get (something) out there - to make something more familiar to the public; to increase something’s public presence

    * We need to get our message out there so that people know what great work our organization is doing.

    potential market – the group of people who do not buy a product, but would probably be interested in it

    * Our toys are used mostly by girls ages 4-6, but we believe that our potential market includes boys ages 5-7, too.

    feedback – positive or negative reactions to an idea or to someone’s work

    * At the end of the course, the teacher will ask us to give our feedback about how to make it better next year.

    to put (our/their) heads together – to work as a group to think of new ideas or better solutions

    * When Brandon and Antonio put their heads together, they are able to think of some very creative new ideas.

    to say a few words – to speak about something for a short period of time

    * At weddings, the parents of the married couple usually say a few words to wish the couple a happy life together.

    reality check – a realistic look at the true situation; an objective and factual analysis; a reminder of the true facts

    * Amanda thought that her dog-walking business would be a great success, but learning that there were already 14 other such businesses in her city was a reality check for her.

    relevant – important; related to the current situation

    * The cost of books is very relevant for college students who don’t have very much money.

    innovative – new, creative, and interesting

     * The new CD players have an innovative design that is very popular.


  • واژگان بازرگانی شماره ۱

    Starting a Meeting (Formal Meeting)
    A: On behalf of Vision Corporation, I’d like to call this meeting to order.This is a meeting of some of the
    key players in our company: our top managers. Our purpose this morning is to hear a presentation
    about a new initiative for outreach and marketing, and to discuss this plan with all of you. This is a
    presentation that all of us have looked forward to. This initiative marks a new milestone in the evolution
    of our company. First, it serves as an assessment of where our company is now in terms of 
    communicating its message to its customers domestically and abroad. Furthermore, this plan
    has the potential to drive our company forward by transforming our corporate outreach and marketing strategies.
    We are delighted that all of the major contributors to this initiative are here today. They will use their unique perspectives to talk about the current state of affairs in terms of outreach and  marketing, give details about the new proposed initiative, and outline the path for implementation.
     to call a meeting to order – to officially begin a meeting
    * Mr. Powell always calls his meetings to order at exactly 8:05 a.m.
    key player – important team members; people who are very important in a project or business
    * Gavin is a key player in that organization, because he is the only person who understands the software program.
    initiative – program, idea, or project, usually to improve a situation; to use a new approach to do something 
    * That organization has an initiative to give free breakfasts to every poor child in the city.
    outreach – communication with people outside of an organization or business
    * The university has an outreach program that teaches farmers to use less water.
    marketing – a plan for making other people want to buy a product or service
    * The bank’s marketing strategy includes giving customers free coffee when they come into the office.
    milestone – a small accomplishment or achievement that is part of a larger project or goal
    * Earning a high school diploma and undergraduate degree were major milestones for Larry, who has always wanted to earn a Ph.D.  
    evolution – development over time, usually of something that begins small or simple and changes to something bigger or more complex
    * The evolution of the legal system in the United States has taken centuries.
    assessment – evaluation of one’s progress in doing something
    * The army’s assessment of soldiers’ health includes their running speed and their strength. 
    in terms of – regarding; with reference to; related to
    * The company has the highest sales in the country, but in terms of the number of employees, it is very small.
    to outline – to briefly describe the main points of an idea or plan
    * When people don’t have time to read a report, they sometimes ask their assistants to outline the most important ideas.