• Business Conversation 29 مکالمه بازرگانی

    Business Conversation 29 مکالمه بازرگانی

    Happy Shareholders

    Director: Can we go over some figures please?
    Assistant: Yes, our shareholders’ meeting is soon. I think it’d be a good idea to review the key numbers.

    Director: What has our total outlay been this year?
    Assistant: Our expenditures are estimated at $4,320,000.

    Director: What percentage is that is research and development?
    Assistant: About 27%. We’ve invested heavily in developing some new technologies.

    Director: What is our gross operating profit?
    Assistant: Approximately 1.4 million.

    Director: What kind of margin does that represent?
    Assistant: The gross operating margin is at 24% for the year.

    Director: That’s impressive. That’s up from last year, isn’t it? About 10 points I think.
    Assistant: That’s right. We’re solidly in the black. As a matter of fact, this is our fifth year straight.

    Director: Shareholders will be happy.
    Assistant: They should be! This kind of growth in the current market is remarkable.

    Director: Hopefully the shareholders won’t veto any further R & D allocation. 
    Assistant: I think they trust the board to continue doing the right thing.

    Key Vocabulary

    key numbers
    R & D – Research and Development
    gross operating profit
    gross operating margin
    to be up
    in the black – in the red
    to veto
    the board