• Business Conversation 31مکالمه بازرگانی

    Business Conversation 31


    Looking for a Bookkeeper

    Bruce: Have you finished the balance sheets yet?
    Alice: I’ve been working on them since 10 this morning. I’m almost done.

    Bruce: No need to rush. I don’t need them until tomorrow morning.
    Alice: Janet told me we’re looking for a new bookkeeper. Is that true?

    Bruce: Yes, We’ve been looking, but no luck yet.
    Alice: I know someone who’d be perfect.

    Bruce: Oh really, does she have any experience?
    Alice: Of course, she’s been working for Smith CPA and Co. since 2004.

    Bruce: Great. Ask her to come in for an interview. 
    Alice: Sounds good. She’s not too happy in her current position. I’m sure she’ll be interested in interviewing for the job.

    Bruce: Oh, I almost forgot to ask … have you opened the new accounts at Wells Fargo?
    Alice: Yes, I have. Here are the account numbers, PIN number, and paperwork.

    Bruce: Thanks. Well, let me know when you finish those balance sheets.
    Alice: Sure, I should be done soon.

    Key Vocabulary

    balance sheet
    to rush
    account number
    PIN number