Phrasal verbs – Part 8

Phrasal verbs – Part 8

Phrasal verb                             meaning                              example sentence

run into someone/something: meet unexpectedly:ran into an old school-friend at the mall.

run over someone/something: drive a vehicle over a person or thing: I accidentally ran over your bicycle in the driveway.

run over/through something: rehearse, review: Let’s run over/through these lines one more time before the show.

run away: leave unexpectedly, escape: The child ran away from home and has been missing for three days.

run out: have none left: We ran out of shampoo so I had to wash my hair with soap.

send something back: return (usually by mail): My letter got sent back to me because I used the wrong stamp.

set something up: arrange, organize: Our boss set a meeting up with the president of the company.

set someone up: trick, trap: The police set up the car thief by using a hidden camera.

shop around: compare prices: I want to shop around a little before I decide on these boots.

show off: act extra special for people watching (usually boastfully): He always shows off on his skateboard

sleep over: stay somewhere for the night (informal): You should sleep over tonight if the weather is too bad to drive home.

sort something out: organize, resolve a problem: We need to sort the bills out before the first of the month.

stick to something: continue doing something, limit yourself to one particular thing: You will lose weight if you stick to the diet.

switch something off: stop the energy flow, turn off: The light’s too bright. Could you switch it off.

switch something on: start the energy flow, turn on: We heard the news as soon as we switched on the car radio.

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