IELTS Writing, Task 2: to use energy-saving modes of transportation like hybrid cars

 Some prefer to use energy-saving modes of transportation like hybrid cars.


Discuss pros and cons of this mode of transportation.


Popularity of oft-mentioned hybrid cars, which can switch between a fossil fuel and an alternate energy source, has grown immensely over the last decade. Hybrid automobiles not only conserve fuel but also emit less environmentally-unfriendly gases namely carbon dioxide. Nevertheless, green cars’ high cost and low power might be cited as major drawbacks.


To begin with, the most distinct advantage of hybrid cars over gasoline-powered vehicles is that they run cleaner because of which they are exempted from traffic congestion scheme charges in metropolises. For instance in Tehran in addition to emergency response vehicles including police, fire and ambulance services, hybrid means of transport is also allowed to enter banned areas for free whereas fossil fuel powered cars are either levied monthly charges or not permitted in the commercial and business center of the city. Moreover, energy-saving vehicles have better gas mileage, meaning despite covering longer distances than regular automobiles, they are bound to consume much less petrol that is one of the main culprits and contributors behind the worsening air pollution.


In contrast, looking at downside of eco-friendly forms of transport, it might be argued that they are less powerful than single engine cars. Translation: they are suited neither for racing nor for carrying heavy goods, which explains why their market share is limited compared to that of traditional cars. Furthermore, they are seemingly highly priced and a significant proportion of the world population is unlikely to be able to afford them. Take Iran, a nation of 80 million people, as a case in point. Close to 20 million cars are possessed by a wide range of households in this country, of which less than 1% is hybrid due to their exorbitant prices.


Having considered all the above-mentioned facts, I personally concede that there is a promising future for green energy fueled vehicles, although they may not be economically viable in a large number of countries for the time being. 



Hamid Mollazadeh

Time: 50′

Word count: 340

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